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About us

Hello! Welcome to Beaunelle's Boutique where there's a new beauty in town! Yes that's right where all are welcome all shades, colors, and sizes are accepted! There is beauty in every one and we are here to show that!

* My name is Junnelle and I own the one and only Beaunelle's Boutique! I love uniqueness and that's what makes us beautiful! Anything that is different I'm all for it. I was born and raised in Delray Beach, FL. While growing up in my teen years I always had an eye for fashion. As a little girl I loved cutting out people from magazines with fashionable attire and making my own scrap books. I love fashion and I love carrying that in my every day life. I also love being with children and being fashionable with them as well. Now fashion to me is not all about dressing up and being all dollied up. It is also about being your self having that confidence you are beautiful and your sense of style is ready for the fashion world. I love positivity and love making people feel good about themselves but I want them to have that same assurance about them selves. It's important we support each other showing love to each individuals' differences and we show the little ones what true beauty is which is being ourselves and not changing to look like someone else.

I am also in the education field teaching children the facts of life and preparing them for the real world. I travel back and forth with work and love seeing the different fashion styles from all over. One day while surfing through the net looking for “that fabulous birthday dress” from various boutique stores it then clicked. I realized my love for fashion then I should own my own fashion boutique! I can truly do what I Love! Not to mention traveling back and forth gave me the opportunity to see the business world of fashion while pursuing my love for clothes, shoes, accessories, and shopping as well! So Beaunelle was born which the word "Beau" from Beaunelle means beautiful in French. Beaunelle values that beauty is not all about our physical appearance but that true beauty lies within us. Beauty comes from having your own style, your own mind, and living your own way so “Be-you-tiful!” That is what we center the boutique around of.

* Beaunelle is dedicated in bringing you the most unique and fashionable items for the “beautiful” person that you are! I plan to bring diverse and affordable looks for each individual style. I am here to make you beautifully stylish so get ready!