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What is Beauty? Eh..


Hmm Beauty Inspiration........well there so many things that inspire Beauty. There is Beauty Inspiration from people and things as well. I must say though my True Beauty Inspiration is Self Love. There is nothing more beautiful than when a woman loves herself. She knows she is beautiful regardless what others think. She embraces her features and her imperfections. I love when I am just looking at something and admiring it's beauty.  There is beauty in everything! Go ahead look, you will find it. It's actually like a turn on for me seeing someone who loves themselves and having that confidence! 

Now on to some well-known people like artistes. I have to start with Janelle Monae. Boy is she amazing! Everything about her is crazy amazing! When you see someone like that, you see fearless, powerful, and confidence! That is how a woman should present herself. When someone sees you, they should  be getting that message from you. 


Oh how beautiful things are. Just loving seeing the Beauty in everything! 

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