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Fall is my Favorite

I remember my first real experience with Fall. Which was about 3 years ago while living in New York but it was while I was in upstate NY that I saw the beauty of fall. Such an eye opener for me! It was more than what I expected and definitely better seeing it for your self. Living in Florida you don't get all four seasons. Its Summer, Spring, and a little winter of like a week I guess lol. Okay maybe no winter. Mainly in Florida its mostly summer weather. I always would hear while in Florida how pretty the Fall season is. How the leaves start changing colors and fall to the ground piling up. When I use to work in the classroom I would teach my students about this season but never really knew what it looked like or felt. But boy oh boy what a difference it is when you actually experience something compared to not experiencing it all. Another thing I noticed with Fall is how truly beautiful it is and how strong a tree is. Here you have a tree growing and standing from the ground. It goes through all these temperatures and conditions that changes its structure like the branches or leaves. But despite it all it is able to still show its beauty in the Fall season. Its almost as if it is showing its true beauty through it all. So I say like humans we go through so much in life and go through certain situations or even get exposed to so many channels from society. With all these conditions we should be like the trees. Despite all negatives we are exposed in life we can turn it into positives. Despite what ever life throws at us we can withstand it. Despite all the falsely ideas of true beauty that is portrayed from society we can show them what really is true beauty by being ourselves. Be like that tree and be the beautiful you throughout all four seasons! *Happy Fall everyone! Xoxo, Junnelle

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