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4 Eyes Beauty!

That's right you read it right.....4 eyes beauty! Who says you can't be beautiful wearing glasses?! Sooo not true and don't I look stylish in my new glasses?! Me being comfortable wearing glasses loving it was not always the case. I use to hate glasses. I started wearing glasses when I was in Middle school. I am considered nearsighted.....not being able to see clearly from a distance. Of course as a kid I disliked them and felt nervous about how other kids would react to me. I was afraid to hear the name calling but that was not the case. No one bothered me but I still felt weird when wearing them. I know it was important to me because I needed to wear my glasses especially in school so I can see the board clearly and focus. Now I grew out of that. Little by little I got used to wearing glasses but still was not a big fan. Now as an adult I put my nervousness aside. I saw how wearing glasses became a trend. I got comfortable and loved wearing glasses. I learned to not care what other people think of me how I look with glasses. If they had a problem who cares for I know I am still me whether I wear glasses or not. I actually already have prescription glasses but while walking through an event fair with different vendors I ran into this one lady. They had different eyeglasses which were very fashionable. I was hesitant in trying them like this particular one I am wearing because I thought maybe it would look to big. But as you can see the results I'm all beauty with my new glasses and knowing that it can be prescription makes it perfect. *So this is to all my other 4 eyes beauties from all over. Don't be afraid to show your nerdy beauty side! Xoxo JB

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