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4 Eyes Beauty!

That's right you read it right.....4 eyes beauty! Who says you can't be beautiful wearing glasses?! Sooo not true and don't I look stylish in my new glasses?! Me being comfortable wearing glasses loving it was not always the case. I use to hate glasses. I started wearing glasses when I was in Middle school. I am considered nearsighted.....not being able to see clearly from a distance. Of course as a kid I disliked them and felt nervous about how other kids would react to me. I was afraid to hear the name calling but that was not the case. No one bothered me but I still felt weird when wearing them. I know it was important to me because...

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Fall is my Favorite

I remember my first real experience with Fall. Which was about 3 years ago while living in New York but it was while I was in upstate NY that I saw the beauty of fall. Such an eye opener for me! It was more than what I expected and definitely better seeing it for your self. Living in Florida you don't get all four seasons. Its Summer, Spring, and a little winter of like a week I guess lol. Okay maybe no winter. Mainly in Florida its mostly summer weather. I always would hear while in Florida how pretty the Fall season is. How the leaves start changing colors and fall to the ground piling up. When I use to...

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What is Beauty? Eh..

  Hmm Beauty Inspiration........well there so many things that inspire Beauty. There is Beauty Inspiration from people and things as well. I must say though my True Beauty Inspiration is Self Love. There is nothing more beautiful than when a woman loves herself. She knows she is beautiful regardless what others think. She embraces her features and her imperfections. I love when I am just looking at something and admiring it's beauty.  There is beauty in everything! Go ahead look, you will find it. It's actually like a turn on for me seeing someone who loves themselves and having that confidence!  Now on to some well-known people like artistes. I have to start with Janelle Monae. Boy is she amazing!...

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